The Fair Grove Story


Fair Grove Estates is built on a 100-acre parcel which was settled by John T. Jones and his family in 1874. The Jones family came from Wales, and we have built our heritage into our name and logo. If you look closely, you will note that the trunk of the tree is the shape of the country of Wales. In addition, the name "Fair Grove" is the literal translation of the Welch town where the Jones family originated.

Beginning in the late 1800s, the ground has been used primarily as a diary operation and crop farm. In its day, the farm milked nearly 250 cows three time a day, fed over 200 head of younger cattle, and provided employment for many family members and friends. In early 2003, the sheds, barns, and farm yard were demolished to make room for the Fair Grove project. Nearly 8,000 tons of concrete were recycled to be used in the Fair Grove Estates roads.


Since the farmland has been in the family for nearly 130 years, Fair Grove Estates is much more than just a land development project. It is a symbol of its heritage. As a result, the family has a personal interest in the long term success of Fair Grove Estates.